Building Websites and Online Business

by Phil Marks

How did I start?

Well, I'd been reading emails about get-rich-quick schemes, and one guy kept sending me useful information, free of charge. This directed me into further research and I found plenty of free collateral on the web - most of it was dross. I kept getting the emails, and the learning continued, as did the research.

I'd been involved with football pools for many years and had some success with a system I'd developed. So, I decided to produce an eBook to sell.

I bought some great software for building websites (I'd used Dreamweaver in the past, and FrontPage), but finally settled on Xsitepro2 - it cost under £150 and the tutorials and support were excellent. Building in Paypal, Adsense and so on was a doddle. I found I could build a website in less than a day. I hunted around and settled on Namesco for domain registration and hosting - great deals and good performance. I signed up for a 15 site package.

The next step was to sort out email campaigns. It has to be done properly to build customer confidence and avoid spam issues and complaints. Research indicated that AWeber were leaders in the email handling (opt-in list building). Again, terrific video tutorials and support.

You don't need to be a propeller-head to use any of this stuff.

The Winning the Football Pools book was coming together and I found some cheap (<$3) software to make the cover. You might need paint.net (which is available free if you hunt around) for some of the arty stuff - though it is not absolutely necessary as Xsitepro2 comes with many good looking templates.

Anyway, it's still slow going, though I have built another 2 websites in the last couple of days, and some more blogs. My websites are now


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 project diagnostic

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